Monday, December 10, 2007

Thank You SP Pal, Natalie

Can you say "WOW - what a haul??" I am tellin' ya - Natalie spoiled me and spoiled me good. This was her first SP swap, can you believe it. Every package was just so - items wrapped in tissue, etc. But, Natalie is a teacher, so I suspect that this comes from her training/background... other teachers I know would have done the same - teachers are special that way. The basket is going to look great in the new kitchen (moving sucks by the way). The two towels are perfect for the color in the kitchen!! (it's like she spied on me or something...) The stitch markers are double cute - rings on both ends.. so they fit size 5 or 10 - how clever is that?? Can you see the green coffee cozy?? It's adorable - and I don't have one. I think I'll keep it in my purse, so when I go to starbucks or some other coffee shop my mug will be stylish!! The candle in a tin is a cranberry scent - very nice and I love the fall leaves ornament. I am thinking of hanging it in the guest bathroom. The project bag with the tiny apples print contained 2 SKEINS OF LORNA'S LACE in Douglas Fir (I know, 2 skeins!!). I have been using the jar of lanolin and collagen creme every day and n ight on my poor dry feet.. they love it. The 2 bags of California Crunchies - lasted about a nano second. my son loved the one bag!! The Boy Child is so cute, he asks me to knit him stuff and takes a genuine interest in my swap goodies!! awwwwww. The smaller project bag has a built in yarn cutter (see close up, can you tell??) and a magnetic weekly planner.. The biscotti - my all time fav breakfast food tastes wonderful - cranberry/orange/walnut... the glam piggy is adorable too. All in all Natalie rocks! I love every package she has sent and think that if there is a nomination for best swap pal for round 11, Natalie should win it. You can visit her at - OK, gotta run - moving stinks and I have stuff to unpack... The Girl Child and her inlaws are coming for Christmas...running out of time to get ready.. yikes.. when will i ever finish my socks (many pair) the tilted duster, etc etc etc.