Sunday, September 19, 2010

A real Hero

So last week in history marked a special event... Friday was National Obervance of POW/MIA - and as luck would have it.. i was within 4 feet of a true american hero on Friday...A POW, now aged 90.. survived the Bataan Death March & was a POW for 3 years.....and I was too chicken to tap him on the shoulder and say "hi"..... next time... i will and ask him to take my picture with me.... if you can.. buy a copy of Soldier Slave by James W. Parkinson and Lee Benson.... and grab a box of tissue...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SFS knitting

I've been trying really hard to keep up on my SFS knitting and have signed up for and got a mentor...i need that accountability... my local yarn shop does not carry the regulation yarn, so i either have to order a bag of 10 balls (not bad, realy), or order via SFS... so here we have my first "kit" - the yarn is no longer officially used, and I used some of it to warp my loom; the Lambs Pride (3 balls/greyish in color), i believe is still used, but cant recall if its for regulation socks or leisure socks.. and finally - a BBS or big black stock on the needles... sadly, this yarn is no longer used and it may become a pair of socks for me... SFS socks have a 12" leg - then the heal... and then the foot.. and why oh why do soldiers have such large feet... i think every knitter wishes she had married a man with small feet...ok. loom is being stupid; no official yarn for SFS, so back to baby sweater knitting today.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Staying on Track

Well, I've had the best of intentions, really I have...Life just continues to get in my way.
I requested and got a mentor for my Socks for Soldiers group - just to stay on track, be accountable and have someone to report in to. It's been a bust. My LYS did not have in stock the regulation yarn (Regia #124), but I can order it thru the SFS group. IF I can remember my password to my old email account, which I can't. Tried too many times to guess last night and it locked me out for 12 hours! CRAP!

I set aside a realy cute baby sweater (the peanut is due 10/17) to knit up a beanie cap for a friend's b-day. Going to buy buttons tonight and then its in the mail...

I'll post pictures tonight of my SFS stuff, and some baby stuff...its all on my laptop at home.