Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's New

Well, just when I think it is possible for me to rip someones face off - the sheer fustration of things not getting done....that life smacks you upside the head. I received a call today from a lovely man - a local Veteran, who had read Blake's obituary in the local paper and not wanting to call me too soon, waited until today. This nice man, Stu, is a mover and shaker of sorts in our area, and has probably worked countless hours to make this happen: - His call was to inform me that it would be their honor to include Blake in their Veterans' Memorial Wall. We chatted for a bit. We talked about Blue Star Moms and about Socks for Soldiers. He writes a weekly article for the local paper and links can be found at the above website. Give it a visit. He said he'd write an article about Blake, if I'd give him some information. I sent him links to YouTube and told him to check out the video.

This evening I read Yarn Harlets post about her daughter turning 15 - her youngest.. a great ditty about parenthood - but it made me a bit sad at all the things I'll never do: hold a child of Blake's; attend his wedding; the joy of a new house; the joyful return after deployment - just those simple things in life that we all celebrate in some way....and I try not to be too clingy to The Girl. and I try to be thankful for the "nots" - not shot, not in a far away land, not MIA, not POW, not scared.

And then greatful - for all his military buddies - past and future - who are willing to serve our I need to go pick up my pointy sticks and knit some socks for SFS - my first pair since Blake died, but there are soliers out there without handknit socks and that's just criminal!!

I continue to be amazed at how wonderful our Army is to our family and the outreach of support from guys like Stu and other Veterans...God bless 'em all.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What is on and off the needles

What have I been knitting: Well, in no particular order and you'll be able to match up picture with "report":
1. The Girl's dress. This is an Interweave Knits pattern from the Summer 2008 magazine. I am to the point in the pattern where I need to cast on some stitches for the over-lap of the lacey top. No clue how to do that and my Yarn Yenta is snow bound for a few days.. Darn that snow!!
2. Socks for Soldiers: this is a cast on of a helmet liner and a finished one. The finished one was/is an official SFS cap and was gifted to my son, he wore it a few times before he passed away. The cap will be gifted to his Army buddy when he comes home on leave from Iraq in a few weeks.
3. Bum Glove. This is a KnitPicks pattern. I am making them for my "old" assistant, who left after 2.5 years for anther career field.. this is kinda like second sock syndrom, except this is not a sock (duh). They go really fast - the palm part of the hand takes the longest and the fingers can be done in a night of knitting.. so what's my hang up?? The urge to cast on something new... I hate that...
Ohh, the mailman delivered the Spring 2009 Interweave Knits today...but it snowed this morning so it's hard to think about spring when its flippin freezing outside... brrrrrr

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blogger is being stupid

I was going to post pictures of my current knitting projects. but blogger is being stupid....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's On & Off The Needles

I've been knitting. . . .

Socks for Soldiers: I've completed (weeks ago) and finally turned in a helmet liner/beanie cap! I know I need to get back to knitting socks.. that's the Mission, but somehow socks seem so personal to me...

The Girl's Dress: I am pee my pants excited about this one - I am 1/2 inch away from being at the "natural waistline"... which means I have to modify the pattern a bit and not do a repeat...i'll double check my measurments tonight..

Fingerless Mit: I've completed one and now need to do it's mate. This is a pattern from Knit PIcks, I think......ya, pretty sure. I'll have to take pictures of the bum glove and the dress and post them...

SP 13: I did send package #2 and now need to get busy on package 3.. I am so not thinking straight, i can't even recall when the swap ends.... arrggg....