Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thank You SP12 Buddy

OMG!! I'll have to take pics and post again. But Mr. Mailman came in with a box today!! It was a pamper box! All wrapped in bright yellow tissue w/pink ribbons - a big pink rubber ducky; some Bath & Body Works bubble bath in "fresh pineapple" - seriously, I thought about drinking some of it (any rum around here?); a book "In Her Shoes" by Jennifer Weiner (this sounds like a good book, one i've not heard of - so I am excited) I fly to southern cal on friday, something in additon toknitting to take with me on the plane). some chocolate covered almonds (yumm - my fav candy)- and the most clever card ever, its a tri-fold thing, picture on front of sweater, but when you open it up - ITS A PATTERN TOO!! Perfect size for tucking in your knitting bag.. ok, back to work and proper post with pictures later, but I had to say "thank you" to my SP12 pal for a wonderful package - amazing and I love it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Who sent the E-card

OK, in my spam/bulk mail, is an e-card, but it does not say who it is from, of course it is mixed in with all the notices from crazy countries telling me I've won a lottery I did not enter and stuff to enlarge my non-existant penis... so... SP12 or Ravelry Fiber Swap buddy, if you sent me an e-card, let me know.... I don't want to open it and discover it's really some xxx rated link or a virus for my little ole computer.

Friday, July 25, 2008

RAvelry Fiber Swap - goodies from Morrigu

OOOOOh, nothing like getting a fluffy envelope on a friday to make your weekend that much better!! Look at what Morrigu sent to me! The roving reminds my hubby of sherbert ice cream! I can't wait to spin it up. and because Morrigu read on a blog post that I gave away a drop spindle (a long term loaner) she sent me another! and some roving (beige) that she says will be purrrrrfect for the drop spindle.... she does not know how clusty I can be... Very nice, A great big thank you to Morrigu!! I have this bright yellow car coat - I think If I spun up the "sherbert" and made a kinda lacey scarf to go with it - it would look prett cool.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SP 12 Q of the Week

Here are my answers to SP12 for this week:

1. What is(are) your favorite place(s) to knit? I's say just about anyplace that is well lit.

2. What supplies (besides yarn & needles) make the setting perfect forknitting? I L-O-V-E love my clear gadget bag. I can see everything in it! I take it everywhere with me! What's inside: another must have is my folding scissors; a 6" cardboard laminated "Knitter's Annonymous" ruler; a sheep shaped tape measure (too cute); stick markers, several crochet hooks and some other odds and ends, the most useful - the small post it notes. I use them to leave myself notes on patterns, mark rows, hold the pattern to the dashboard of the car or to the seat ahead of me on an airplane (also, wedge the bottom of the pattern in the pocket and the top part in the closed tray table, use large paperclip to mark rows - works like a dream!! Oh, ya, and my "reader" glasses!! I'll knit abit without them, put them on and SHAAZAAMMM - I can see!

Friday, July 18, 2008

SP 12 Question & Knitting updates

SP 12:

1. What is your favorite type of project to take along on holiday/vacation?

A: Usually socks - or something that will end up being felted...so that if I screw up, it won't be noticed!! Fussy knitting is better left at home. Socks are good because they are small and can be worked on in an airplane.

2. Tell a story about a time you packed too much knitting or were stranded without knitting.

A: I can't recall the specifics, but I have been "without sticks" a time or two. I get twitchy. What a waste, to be sitting in an airport or where ever and know that you could be getting a few rows done. I think my "worst" story is knitting socks waiting for a plane, listening to a Lime and Violoet podcast, I guess I was laughing and when I'd tell my DH something, he'd look at me funny and say "you need to use your inside voice" - I've started some nice conversations with folks asking me about my knitting. The best "dumbest" was a lady asking me if I was crocheting. That's not the stupid part, the stupid part was when she said she had justed learned to crochet. OK, so lets think: you had ONE hook when you crocheted and I have 4 little pointy sticks.. do the math woman!! Sheez, I should not be a snot head about it, but it just struck me as a lame question... could have been she was trying to break the ice... we had a nice visit during our flight, but turns out based on our little visit, she was probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer to begin with.. lovely lady, just not bright. Probably safer that she does not knit - I could predict ER visits with her!! LOL.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fire update; SP 12 Question of the Week & Swap updates.

Here are two pictures from our back deck - one is a view of our new bulldozed fire break, the other is of the nice CDF guys clearing brush....YOu can't really tell in the picture, but the yard is rather steep. the white blob in the one picture is a bag of fleece that was on the lower back deck.. Crazy, hu??

Here are the questions of the week for SP 12:

1) Where is your favorite place to go for vacation/holiday?

A: My favorite place to go for a holiday is to stay home. For vacation - just about any place!! I am not much of a world traveler. I've been to Canada as a kid - does that count?? I've been to Nevada - lots - we go to Reno several times a year - sometimes twice in one month!!

2) Where is one place you'd like to go?

A: I was just talking to DH about this - I'd really like to go to Canada as an adult. I have a sister there - and I hear Victoria is beautiful. I'd like to visit all 50 states - ok, Alaksa and Hawaii too. How fun would it be to visit all state parks - yellowstone, yosemite, etc etc. I don't camp, but the natural beauty of it would be grand!! I love a good museum - so a visit to famous museums would be fun too. I'll be near San Fransisco in August, so I think we'll make a detour to see the blown glass exhibit at the newly remodeled de Young in golden gate park. and, while I don't particularly like the concept of zoos, I see the benefit of preserving some animals.. So, i'd like to visit some zoos too. I've been to the SF zoo and when my sister was stationed in Germany (about 20+ years ago) she send me pictures of big pigs.

Did I already say my Hush Hush Handspun Hootenanny swap buddy is outside the US?? I've exchanged some emails and have an idea on this one time swap package. I've got the fiber to send, now to spin my 4oz for her... and I printed out some stuff from the blog of my SP12 buddy. I'll either go to a LYS this weekend or do some internet shopping.. she gave me some great ideas on stuff she "needs" - LOL - like we all "need" more yarn.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I am Sick of Fire and Smoke

First - I think I love all firefighters. They are working so crazy hard at all the fires in California. Having said that, firemen, take no offence - I am bloody sick of fire, smoke and all the crap that goes with it. We have not seen blue sky in about 3 weeks. Today the ash is so thick it flutters in the air like snow flurries.... barf/gag. I knew today would be bad, when the orange/yellow haze was so thick this morning - it looked like night... then - eerie stillness this am.. no birds, no breeze, nothing.... we have been in the process of moving since december and are fully functional in our new house. the old house is filled with DH's parents' stuff (they died within 3 weeks of each other in March/April of 2008)... anyway - the "old" house was part of the newest evacutation today.. DH went to grab his mom's jewelry and DD's old HS yearbooks. She said if she ever had kids - she'd want to show her kids your old yearbooks.

So, here I am - if I get lung cancer - it will be due to these stupid fires.

SWAP updates: I mailed off my fiber swap package to someone is Singapore yesterday!! I can't say what it is....oh crap. I forgot to take pictures. Sheez. OK. So, this fiber swap is cool. There are 4 in the group. swap runs July/August/Sept. we "round robin" in the shipping of packages.. so we will each get a total of 3 fiber packages. Sweet!!

I have my HHHH swap buddy - also lives outside the USA!! I sent her an email re fiber she may prefer. We send 4 oz of spun and 4 oz of fiber. and other stuff if we want. Since my swap buddies are international. I plan on making it educational. My Singapore pal got some postcards showing my local area. HHHH buddy will get info on my town too.

SP12: I was blog snooping and got some ideas for a package tonight.. so I am off to go shopping later this week.

gotta run..

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SP 12 Question of The Week

The "perfect sized" stash was a tough question for many of you toanswer. Maybe these stash related questions will be easier:

1) What yarn (that you don't have/haven't used) would make your stash"complete"? I have angora fiber, but have yet to spin it - or knit with it - angora bunny - I got to pet one at our last spinning guild meeting. A local lady has them and will hopefully be a local source for purchase of angora fiber in the future!

2) What yarn do you never want to be without? Sock yarn, but I have tons now... and at the moment i am having a hard time thinking of knitting socks.. sock burn out.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flash Your Stash (like a drunk sorority girl)

FLASH YOUR STASH CHALLENGE: OK, I just made that up - but post pictures of your stash and a description of your stash and it's life expectancy - post a comment here and I'll draw a random name - winner gets - you got it - something from my stash.
My stash exceeds my life expectancy. Here are 3 pics of my stash closet. The floor is covered. Somewhere is one of those Costco clear tubs filled with crapy acrylic junk - we just won't go there. I can't find anyone I dislike enough to send it to. The big white blob with a black poofy thing on top is actually a lovely mesh bag containing the pattern (white blob) and yarn for the Knit PIcks' Tree of Life Afgan. You can see the yellow sheet of paper for my son's v-neck top down sweater and my size 25 knitting needles - A Stitches West find - and seveal knitting bags with projects inside. Can you see the basket - it's filled with "used" skeins of yarn from FOs - but I can't just discard the un-used yarn. You never know -sheep and alpaca my unionize and protest the shearing of fiber animals.. then where would I be?? I've taken a picture of part of the shelving. The bottom contains some baskets and what not of needle cases and supplies - the top shelve is actually somewhat organized. I have a tub (not pictured) of all my sock yarn, what you see is some of my handspun and lace weight skeins - Not pretty is it? I may need an intervention.
So FLASH YOUR STASH - post a comment and I'll draw names on July 17th - Thursday. To be "eligible" you must post pictures on your blog and leave a comment on my blog so I know you have "entered" - I'll post the winner and contact to get a mailing address for shipping of yarn from my stash.