Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thank you SP 13 Buddy

Well, I've got one clue who my buddy is....She (or is it a "he"??) sent a card with a monogram "J" on it... hmmmmmm a clue or something to throw me off track?

Here are two pics of my goodies I received the other day: Two hanks of yarn from Seacoast Handpainted - Brentwood, NH, "Big Horn" 55% mohair & 45% wool. 110 yards each. With a note that says they'd make good mittens. I agree! The other picture is of a very crafty idea - it's a kit from Knit One/Crochet Too - a pattern for Leaf Pattern Bath Mit, yarn in Italian Ice and a bar of soap in pomagranite. Yummy. The little note says I could use them as knitted gift items. Heck no. I'd love to have the bath mit and yummy soap for me. Thank you secret pal.
You can't even know how much your little bit of "normal" meant to me when the package arrived. It's been one hell of a week for me. I'll post about that later..maybe.. Thanks again and sorry for the delay in thanking you.

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Anonymous said...

You're quite welcome, pal. No need to feel bad about not being timely. I sent the package late myself. The J is in fact a hint :)

I just sent you an email to check in, too. I hope you're feeling even a tiny bit better today.