Friday, February 13, 2009

What is on and off the needles

What have I been knitting: Well, in no particular order and you'll be able to match up picture with "report":
1. The Girl's dress. This is an Interweave Knits pattern from the Summer 2008 magazine. I am to the point in the pattern where I need to cast on some stitches for the over-lap of the lacey top. No clue how to do that and my Yarn Yenta is snow bound for a few days.. Darn that snow!!
2. Socks for Soldiers: this is a cast on of a helmet liner and a finished one. The finished one was/is an official SFS cap and was gifted to my son, he wore it a few times before he passed away. The cap will be gifted to his Army buddy when he comes home on leave from Iraq in a few weeks.
3. Bum Glove. This is a KnitPicks pattern. I am making them for my "old" assistant, who left after 2.5 years for anther career field.. this is kinda like second sock syndrom, except this is not a sock (duh). They go really fast - the palm part of the hand takes the longest and the fingers can be done in a night of knitting.. so what's my hang up?? The urge to cast on something new... I hate that...
Ohh, the mailman delivered the Spring 2009 Interweave Knits today...but it snowed this morning so it's hard to think about spring when its flippin freezing outside... brrrrrr

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