Thursday, March 26, 2009

Proper Thank You x 2

I received two packages recently. One from my friends at Socks for Soldiers. The basket from SFS is the one with the red, white and blue basket; the second is from my SP 13 Buddy. As you can see, I've been well spoiled of late. Can you see the green shawl in the top of the picture? That's a prayer shawl knit by one of the members of SFS....I've never had one knit something like this for me, because, thankfully, I've never in the past needed something like this. So the gift is very touching and yet bittersweet. The fiber from my SP13 buddy will come in handy. After hitting "save" on this post , I am off to our Spinning Guild meeting, where I will be shown how to use my Turkish drop spindle.. we shall see. I expect there to be cussing involved.. So, thank you both to my SP13 Buddy and to all the members of SFS for keeping me in prayer - for the kind words and just thinking good thoughts... I do appreciate it.

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