Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes, I am still here

Wow.. last post was in November? Seriously?? So, yes I've been knitting, but not making progress on too much of anything....still working on dress for The Girl. Should be done by Christmas....(ya right). Had to have Healtherly unknit one of my Socks for Soldiers helmet liners.. I did some Vicodin knitting last month and dropped stitches, added stitches and otherwise screwed up the last few rounds of the hat... it's back on the needles all proper like now. I've also made two beanie caps from a kit I got at a WINERY in Napa.. They use sheep in the vineyard to eat the weeds, sheer them, send the fleese to Yolo Mill Works and sell about 100 kits.. Whoo Hoo.. The first hat is on it's way to Iraq and the second, after our mailman tries it on for size, will soon follow. The real purpose of this post is to say "what amazing friends I have" In the last 7 - 10 days, I've taken about 8 or 9 boxes to the post office - all headed to Iraq.. Between me, my friend, debbie, and her neighbor, we've sent home made cookies, top ramen, etc and put a smile on over 30 soldiers faces... I am not tooting my own horn here.. it just amazes me that in such short order 3 people can get so much done! I'll take pictures of the "winerey hat" before it gets sent off.. promise.

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