Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weaving's AhhhHaaa momment

You know that real bummer part of dressing your loom (Ashford, ridgid heddle), when you've got your yarn all squared away and it's time to wrap it up on the beam...and you need someone to hold the ends while you wind it up?? Sometimes spouse is not around, or its like 11 at night and neighbors are not too keen about your knock on the door, "say, can you help me out with my loom?" Not a very good idea.... and then - as I watch the video for putting together my new Julia loom.... I see the nice lady wrapping up ALL BY HERSELF!! How is that possible you ask?? By doing this:

How stinking brilliant is that?? A simple weight at the end of your warp yarn!! This weight was taken off my antique circular sock knitting machine... but you could run over to your handy dandy Ace Hardware, buy yourself a big ole "S" hook and some big ole bolts and/or washers and spiffy just like that - you can dress your loom 24/7 with no help!! Whhhoo Hooo. This little bit of stuff (50/50 cotton/linen) will be a set of 3 wash clothes - using a cool technique to put little nubby loops in it, just like your run of the mill store type wash clothes and towels..

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