Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Karmic Butt Kicking

Well, it just gets better and better. Today I woke up to rain, which I love. Not that hot, humid summer rain, but a real winter type rain. I was out on the deck looking out at the trees, the canyon, enjoying the smells the sounds. Then it hit me - around the corner, on a picnic table, I have 2 fleeces - EXPOSED TO THE RAIN AND GETTING WET!! With curlers in my hair - I run - grab the bucket of cleaned (poop picked out) fleece and run for cover, pouring out sheep pee water stuff as I go (gross, hu?) - then back for the fleece that was on the sheet and then finally back for the bag with another full fleece in it. What a morning. I am now going to re-create my blog, with links, etc. Wish me luck.


knitknak said...

well by now you know that I won't make it to the guild meeting yesterday! Sorry. but, starting sometime in August, I'll just pop in after work to the that will work out nicely!!! sorry about your old blog but I really like your new one!

N. Maria said...

I would do that for a fleece!! Totally understand!
OT: please email me for knitting socks faster ~ br549rb at msn dot com.