Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a week....welcome to my pitty party

I am taking this brief opportunity to whine shamelessly... My mom in law died on 3/20/08 - my father in law died on 4/13/08 (Sunday)...ok so that's enough to start making a batch of pitty party cupcakes, right??

Anyone who reads this knows we have our dear lucy - a doberman, who had bone cancer and had one of her front legs amputated in September... she's a lucky lucy dog... so last night she falls and can't get up.. it was like watching a cow with mad cow disease.. it was horrible, she finally did get up, but could not walk well.. I figured this is it.. she had full x-rays a month or so ago, no cancer in the lungs, legs, etc.. but maybe it grew really fast.. bad things happen in 3 - so this is it... i'll have to put my dog down....i take her to the vet this am... thank G*d - no cancer, she apparently pulled a muscle - they gave her a shot of moriphine and steriods...she still can't get up.. and now I have screwed up my back carrying her.. she fell when we got home... get this, the vet techs (2) brought her out to my car on a gurney... ok, so like how am I supposed to get 80 lbs of jello like dog out of the back seat of my car, ladies??

boo hoo.. i am so glad I still have a dog, but my back is KILLING ME. It could be worse right?? So, thank you for coming to my little pitty party.. wipe the frosting off your chin and back to work...


Antevasin said...

My condolences to you and your family on your loss(es) Brooke.
I hope your wobbly doggy is doing better today!

The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Oh my dear friend, how hard life has been lately. Know that you are loved and that you have many, many friends. You and Chris deserve good times. Hopefully Lucy will rally and be back to her beautiful self. Whine all you want - it's ok. You're entitled.
Love, your penguin friend Lynn