Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting Back on the Horse??

Thank you to everyone for the cards, comments to the blog and emails regarding the 3 hits of loss we have had. My mother-in-law and father-in-law wished to be cremated and they have been. Lucy did not indicate her preference, but since I got to decide - and taxidermy was denied by The Big Cheese - I opted for cremation for her too. I joke that the trick will be in not confusing the 3 sets of ashes!! Lucy will come back "home" in a "nice cedar box" and mom and dad in urns.

Here are a few facts you probably did not know, but could come in handy during a lull at your next cocktail party: urns are metal and are sealed- therefore they CANNOT go thru airport security. Urns must be flown in the cargo area of the plane. Human cremanes (spelling??) (translation: ashes of humans) CANNOT go in CARGO, they must go in the passenger cabin and must go thru security via a plastic/non sealed container. Sweet. Do we have to buy them tickets too, or can the sit on our laps?? I know this 'cause the inlaws have plots in Southern California and we are taking them down personally - seems odd to FedEx your parents, you know? So, we are trying to figure out a weekend to do that.

Lucy will stay at home, probably on my dresser or bookcase. I miss her so much and still say "Hey Lucy Goosey - mama's home" when I go home at night. I know, what a dork. But it makes me feel better.

On the knitting front.. I got an old Circular Sock Kniting Machine for our anniversary!! I need to get some crochet threat #10 to "start" it and then do some practice with it.

I had Michelle, a SFS knitter in WI machine knit all my black yarn in to legs for me - so I have all these heals and toes to do.. and then it started to sink in and I said to myself "Self, do you have enough yarn to f inish these fine socks?" and I replied "Oh Shit! Self, I think we messed up - quick place an order at KnitPIcks - Black Essential quick like a bunny".

I have another pair of socks on the DPNs for me.. and got some Footootsie in Half Moon Bay this weekend - its red and bright and cheery and I need that now. I have socks up to my armpits and want to cast on something else. While in SF this weekend I went to ArtFibers or it is FiberArts? anyway, on Sutter - hung out there and got some yarn (a silk/merino blend) and cast on a drop stitich scarf - I have the yarn and pattern for the matching lace wrap, but did not want to cast on 160 stitches - so opted for the scarf as practice.

Hey YarnYenta - lets figure out our CSM together, OK... is yours put together?? Lets play!


The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

I find nothing wrong with still talking to Lucy. 21 years later I still talk to my daughter whose pretty urn (not sealed) was purchased at House of Rice downtown. How much cotton thread do you need? I have tons of scraps and non-scraps. And yes, my dear friend, one day you and Heather and I will have to sit down and we will test your patience and mine and attempt socks again. I am looking for an easy scarf pattern for my Ravelry swap (thanks to Heather!) and I have to find some pretty soft pink alpaca yarn. I am toying with using that pattern you gave me a long time ago with the pretty yarn overs pattern which I screwed up royally with my own pretty orangy alpaca. I may rip it out and try again. But first I need to find some pretty, soft pink alpaca that I can afford. KnitPicks, am I destined to visit you today? Miss seeing you.

rita said...

I have my dog, Pookie's, cremains and talk to them and pet the box they're in every time I go into my yarn room. She's been gone for almost two years, and I see nothing wrong about talking to her! I still talk to my Yorkie, Roo, every time I go past the vet's office where he died. That's where his soul left his body, so I always call for him to come home and visit me.

(Crazy lady, you may wonder? You'd probably be right!!!)

Anyway, many condolences, and many happy days ahead.