Saturday, August 16, 2008

Swap Parcels

See how well I am spoiled? My Hush Hush Handspun Hootinany pal sent me a delightful parcel - as did my Ravelry swap buddy. One swap is spin 4 oz and send 4 oz, the other is just send 4 oz. Now, I take really good notes when a parcel arrives so I can post details.... except my notes are at home and my only computer with internet access is at work... which is why it is saturday at 5 pm and I am at the office.... boo hooo... should be home spinning or knitting.
I'll do my best..First, who could not use a diz?? That's the little wood gizmo in the top picture. You can measure your wpi (wraps per inch) in the notch and use the holes to thread your roving thru when you spin. Also, the wallet card for conversion of wpi to needle size - LOVE it. The handspun is about 440 yards if I recall from memory and the roving is a fiber I am not familiar with - i'll have to google it.... Finally, some tea! The Ravelry swap is a tad different - we just send 4 oz of fiber.. but I got a bonus - a delightful coaster/swatch, a little book made with homemade paper, the picture/postcard and my new fav - the money pen!! Even the pen is felted, not just the body of the monkey!! Thank you to both (all) of my swap buddies.
It has been rather hectic with life in general and with the swaps. I 've mentioned before that i signed up for 3 swaps - not realizing at the time that htey would all be happenig at the same time... so.. here I am - SP 12, HHHH and Ravelry fiber swap - keeping track and trying not to go nuts.


bockstark.knits said...

What great swap packages! At least the HHHH is only one package, and now that it is over, you only have 2! Still, it's a lot to keep track of! Don't work too hard, you need to get in some knitting and spinning time! :)

carla said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your package!