Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Swaps and Wild Animals

How cute are these two little critters? It's two deer/fawns, not two pics of the same animal. The pictures were taken at work. I had this odd feeling that someone was looking at me thru the window. The picture of the deer on the lawn by the corner of the deck is the window to my right as I sit at my desk. the second picture (a close up) is taken from the window of my husband's office. The deer ar sitting a few feet apart on the lawn of our office - which ages ago was a house. The 3rd picture is the loot my SP12 sent me (I'D LIKE TO ACKNOWLEDGE HERE THAT I ALSO RE'CD A PACKAGE FROM MY FIBER SWAP BUDD AND HAVE NOT TAKEN A PICTURE YET, BUT DID SEND A THANK YOU CARD.). There was two bags of chocolate covered almonds, but I put one down in short order thank you very much! Do you see the candles in front of the book? they are battery operated - how clever - tealights that run on batteries w/on and off switch. So here is the office humor related to this package. When I route a file to boss-man/hubby and it really needs attention "now" - I'll write "hot" on it - sometimes I'll even draw flames to make my point... well, the day this box arrived, I had a file that was waaaay hot. I set it on the boss man's chair, turned the tealight on (the flame flickers) and TAAA DAAA - he got the hint the file was "hot" and needed his attention ASAP. I have all but one candle at home. I have kept one at the office for future "hot" files. The book should be a good read. The character works in the legal field, like me - so as long as she hasn't wacked anyone - Ha ha ha - The bubble bath smells sooooo good you have no idea. I am seriously thinking of using a drop or two to soak some handspun!! Gotta run - doing on line traffic school!! (don't ask).

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rita said...

What cute babies! We have a herd of deer in our "yard" on the mountain and have seen as many as three babies at a time, but usually there's just one.