Thursday, November 15, 2007

If This is thursday . . .

Greetings blog snoopers....Tonight is Spinning Guild night.. I am not sure what fiber this month is, but I can assure you.. I am not spinning it. I purchased 8 oz of Louet's "cotton candy" a lovely wool/pastel roving. I have spun up a bobbin's worth of lovely sock yarn - and did not put a dent in that bag. I'll be spinning this until the cows come home. I am casting off on the second lacey thong undies for The Girl Child, I am about to turn heals on a pair of "big black socks" for Socks for Soldiers; I have blocked the fronts and back of my tilted duster sweater and finished one sleave.. the second sleave should (I say "should" be done by this weekend.. and then it will be time to attach all the parts together and begin the duster portion of the project. I have some other socks OTN as well, but just about 3" of ribbing so far.

Heather and I are to start our own little knit along in November, I have the yarn, not sure about the needle size and I (obviously) have not cast on yet.. Heather, no doubt is done with the project!!

OK, gotta run. Iam at work - just thought i better post before someone reports me as MIA or something.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You've been busy with fiber therapy! Your handspun sock yarn sound intriguing...what does it look like?

Your SP11 Pal