Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Almost packed and ready to go

First let me say that I don't MIND flying - it's just that it is so darn inconvienient these days to fly. I leave on Thursday for a conference and I'll be gone until Monday. I have packed my computer bag - only to have to take it apart to go thru security. I have a printer packed too, which will be a carry on - since I must have it in an "unbroken" state during my conference.

then there is the packing clothes bit. What to wear - well shoes that you can take on/off to get thru security, but yet, sturdy enough to stay on your feet should you be in a position to actually use your seat cushion as a floatation device. CAVEAT: They only tell you the seat can do this, they never actually show you HOW to use it as a floaty.... cute hu??

So anyway - I have prepared my agendas, I have prepared my meeting stuff. I am ready to go. Now to go home, do a bit more laundry and see about packing outfits so that I don't end up with 5 pairs of shoes in my bag. Am I the only one who packs slippers?? I hate walking on tile floors (hotel bathrooms - you don't know whose naked feet have been there before you). Anyway - obvioulsy i have all kinds of "issues" germs, texture (food and flooring) etc etc. Its amazing I can leave the house at all.

Ohhhhh - and what to bring on the plane to knit?? Well, no to the tilted duster - still need to pick up those 100+ stitches to do the collar - then there is my Big Black Socks for Socks for Soldiers - I'd die a thousand deaths if I lost a BBS while flying (i'd make national news if security denied my BBS on the plane) so - I guess that leaves my trekking socks or the other sweater doodah I am making.. I don't even know the yarn... Devvy made me make it (just kidding) so I am...

OK.... the dog has been inside for a few (6) hours now.. must go home.. If I don't post while at my conference - not too sure about the internet hook up there - I'll post some pictures of the hotel and me hard at work when I get back on Monday.. Until then - pick up those pointy sticks and knit....
PSS: looking of name for podcast - what do ya'll think of "Spin Me A Yarn" - a podcast about spinning and knitting??


The Knitting Nerd said...

I have flown a LOT and you are right about being able to take your shoes off and on easily at security, BUT, trust me, I was on a plane where we had to prepare for a crash landing over San Francisco bay and the first thing we did was take off our shoes, especially if there was any sort of a heel to them. If you have to use the flotation cushion, you aren't going to need shoes! I'm sure you will be fine though and I think socks are the best project to take with you...so portable! I hope you enjoy your trip and I'm with you about the tile floors in hotel rooms...I keep a pair of flip flops (the cheap kind) in my suitcase. That way, they can go in the shower with me too! :=)

Jennifer said...

I've flown alot lately and get stressed everytime I have to fly somewhere.

I agree with knitting nerd that socks are the best portable project.

I hope your trip is enjoyable and uneventful (at least no stressful events).

Stop by my blog and vote in the gift poll, this weeks Badger Report explains the gift. ;)

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