Monday, February 18, 2008

Tilted Duster

Here is what the Tilted Duster looked like a week or so ago... Pretty, no?? it now has about 3/4 of the collar done!! Another row or two and I'll be doing the second button hole row... then to
attach the sleeves! I know it will not be done in time to wear it to Stitches West, I had such hopes for that - oh well. The battery in the camera is dead - so i'll see about charging up the battery and taking pictures later this week.
On a personal note, The Boy Child leaves in the am for a visit with his Army Recruiter - and then off to MEPS to select a job....keep him in your prayers that he does not pick some dumb-ass job that would include being responsible for blowing stuff up....i keep telling him to pick a job that would transfer into civilian life and he says that is what he will do, but still - his two best buddies are in tanks or other jobs that - in my opinion - put them in greater harms way.. so - the mommy factor comes in... stay safe... oh ya that's right.. he's joining the army - not too much safe about that is there?? Now he has requested helmet liners for he and his buddies... time to pick up my pointy sticks..

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