Monday, February 11, 2008

HSKS Quiz & Update

Well - I survived flying and my business trip. I made it through airport security no fuss no muss - unless you count that somehow, the back of my watch (the battery cover thing) somehow fell off while going thru the x-ray thing and my laptop's hinges got broken somehow - all while just sitting in that hard plastic tub as it goes on the conveyer belt... WHATT?????? How does that even happen?? Now my busy work comes in - lots of post conference work to be done and due dates due dated due dates..... RATS.

I have a quiz to do for the HSKS4 - i have to figure out what number goes with what letter of the alphabet to solve a word problem.. my only clues are that the letter "E" is "12" and "L" is "2" - seems impossible.. i'll have to find some muggle kids who are wizzes in math to help me!

Gotta run - if I get work done tonight - I can work on my tilted duster tomorrow and go to knit night.

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Padma Dumbledore said...

I am glad you made it there and back safe and sound!! Take care!
Your Hogswart Secret Pal!