Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Fiber Friendly Husband

OK, so today is my b-day. I am turning 20 something (again). Ignore the fact that I have two kids 23 and 26. I've now resorted to telling them their "real" parents left us when we were young, I raised them and I am in fact their older sister....(kidding, but we had all be celebrating at the time, alcohol was involved and perhaps they believed it - if just for a few moments..but I digress.

So I tell hubby that I don't need/want anything for my b-day, but he could write me a poem.. (keep in mind that all cards come with somesort of poem from him.. is almost expected of him..

Here is what he wrote in my card:

"Think of the Spinderman tune . . . .

ahem ....... (ed note: see how he even cleared his throut in the poem??)

Fiberchick . . . . Fiberchick
Can knit a sweater with two dull sticks

See her dye, but she's not dead
can turn white yarn into bright red

Look out, here comes Fiberchick

When she spins, on her wheel
It goes so fast you want to squeel

She can ply, tigh or loose
If I'm not careful, she'll make a noose

Oh yeah, she is the Fiberchick"

How flippin' cute is that?? I did get some presents.. a nice framed picture of me and The Boy Child at his "Warrior" graduation (US Army); a DVD of our anniversary get away, the pictures in a slide show set to an Elvis Costello song, that I can't remember just now.. and some silver hoop earings.. aaawwwww - lucky lucky me!!

PS: I still have the spinderman jingle stuck in my head - you can thank me later if it gets stuck in your head too - LOL.


The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Happy Birthday my wonderful, crafty, spinny friend! And lots and lots more! You deserve them! Gotta love hubby's versatility. :)

Heatherly said...

happy bday!
i will see you tonight, but may not spin, since i hurt my shoulder-again. :0(
but i will be hanging out any ways