Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thank You SP12 Buddy

OMG!! I'll have to take pics and post again. But Mr. Mailman came in with a box today!! It was a pamper box! All wrapped in bright yellow tissue w/pink ribbons - a big pink rubber ducky; some Bath & Body Works bubble bath in "fresh pineapple" - seriously, I thought about drinking some of it (any rum around here?); a book "In Her Shoes" by Jennifer Weiner (this sounds like a good book, one i've not heard of - so I am excited) I fly to southern cal on friday, something in additon toknitting to take with me on the plane). some chocolate covered almonds (yumm - my fav candy)- and the most clever card ever, its a tri-fold thing, picture on front of sweater, but when you open it up - ITS A PATTERN TOO!! Perfect size for tucking in your knitting bag.. ok, back to work and proper post with pictures later, but I had to say "thank you" to my SP12 pal for a wonderful package - amazing and I love it.

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rita said...

Hi! I just got back from vacation and found your package awaiting me. I love the color of the yarn; it's perfect! Thanks also for the patterns; they'll come in very handy.

Thank you again!!!!