Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Looking for a few Angels

Hi all you (2 or 3) blog snoopers! I have a favor to ask. As most of you know, I knit (slowly) for Socks for Soldiers. We knit regulation military socks from an approved pattern and use approved sock yarns. Some folks want to help, but don't knit socks - or don't like the committement terms of the program - that's ok... but you can still help out.

The care packages we send include beanies (we have a pattern and a list of approved yarns) - we send washcloths - handknit of course; and personal items. Some even donate handmade soaps!! The primary mission is SOCKS - and again - not being snooty, but we must use the official pattern andyarns. Why? Well, and this could be upsetting - acrylic yarns melt - so when a soldier gets "hit" we don't want his handknit socks to melt like molten lava to his leg - or his beanie to melt to his head - no do we??

If you can knit - beanies, washclothes - or donate anything at all (even a few bucks would help) let me know. just email me or reply to the post. Socks For Soldiers is not a political group - we don't advocate for or against the war - we simply want to support our deployed soldiers - regardless of the branch they serve in.



The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

I have a hat and a couple of washcloths which have been done for a very long time. I am afraid those will have to be my last. Only problem is I think I have lost the address! Help?

Anonymous said...

Hey SP!!! You're 2nd and 3rd packages are on their way all wrapped up in one. (Read the card, I'm sure you'll understand then!!)

Allison said...

I can certainly knit beanies if you tell me officially what to do! Hope you are well.