Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sheez - time flies

OK, I am not a total dork. I was obducted by crazy hurd of crocheters - who took me off into the hills and made me crochet with acrylic yarns!! They made me eat cheese whiz on saltine crackers and drink grog... or I am a sh*thead who does not realize how fast time flies.

Here is the scoop - I walk out the door in the am to head for a conference. Fun, but lots of work too.

I did receive a killer package from my SP12 buddy and need to post pics. the best part, besides the yarn - she sent me 1.25 reader glasses that are just very funky and cool. I'll do a proper thank you post when I get back.

My fiber swap outgoing package should leave the office today or tomorrow if my helpers follow thru with notes that are left all over the office for them while i am away.

that's it.. more later when things settle down.

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