Monday, September 1, 2008

SP 12 Question of the Week

Hi there strangers!! It's been a week or so - getting ready for conference, attending conference and the truck load of post conference work... all done in the name of love - the SP 12 question of the week is:

"what's the best thing you've ever received in the mail?"

Hmm, one may think FIBER or YARN or some other thing like that. To me the bestest ever thing I receive in the mail (real mail, folks, not email) are letters from my kids. Specifically, the best mail ever was when my son was in the USAF. He did not have ready accesss to email like he does now - and during basic training - i think they may have been "ordered" to write home!! Anyway, I saved all those letters and cards - to read how he was growing as an adult and realizing the opportunities he had growing up - compared to some of the other guys he was going thru training with - to appreciate - really appreciate something so simple as a piece of pie after a long march - was/is such a blessing. Now that he's in the Army and has access to email - we exchange email, talk on the phone, I visit his FaceBook page, etc. But I got to tell you - the best thing ever is getting a letter from your soldier son - miles away - and sharing his day with you!! That's better than anything - ever!!

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