Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Actually, Yes, I have lost my freakin' mind. Problem?

OK, first - I am pee my pants excited that my HSKS package may have left my buddy's post office today - which can only mean one thing: I'll be getting some fun in the mail soon!!

My MRI results were fine, so no brain tumor, no bad "drop dead" stuff going on in my head, but also no resolution to the headaches.. At least I don't fear dying when I get one now - LOL..

On the "yes, I am crazy" side: If I don't say it - if I don't claim it - it won't happen - so here it goes. I am going to be a pod-caster! That's right - (tap, tap, tap) I'm talking to the one or three of you who may actually read this blog..... I am gonna start pod casting. I have asked a friend to podcast with me and I have suggested an idea on the name.. so we shall see. I have already asked some folks if they would be interested in being interviewed - so, exciting stuff... my husband is going to be thrilled - NOT. LIke i have the time... but you make time for stuff you want to do...

I signed up for Wee Tiny Sock Swap, 'cause Heatherly is a total enabler and told me about it and I can't say no... I had to purchase size 0 dpns for this - someone hit me now. I got yarn today to make my assistant a pair of pedicure socks (Lion Brand book "Just Socks" - very cute, but - now sit down because this is hard to take: I had no yarn in my stash that was the right gauge - the little skein of yarn on the pattern said "3" and I have lots and lots of normal sock yarn - but not a DK weighty sock yarn that was not already spoken for for another project.. so $40 bucks later and sock yarn for me and my assistant.. i am ready to go.. oh ya and then me thinking i am super human and can get 2 lace projects done my mid May - OK. someone shake me silly..

Gotta run to the store and so cookin' - I am having a Tastfully Simple party tomorrow - so if you have not RSVPed yet - call me - you know who you are.


Heatherly said...

you crack me up.
call lynn she is a headache killer!

see you tonight!

The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

The party was so much fun! And I am soooo happy the MRI turned out good! One day, when I am feeling extremely brave or am insanely drunk, you and Heather can help me with socks... yeah... I know... But I have decided it's time to take on a bigger project every now and again. Socks, for me, are probably the biggest project. Get this... I am willing to tackle a sweater before socks and I haven't made a sweater since 1977!! I am dying to see the pedicure socks! I know someone who, if I ever get to socks, would love them.

If Heather meant that it's ME who is a headache killer, oh boy, I don't think so. And as for not being able to say no to her, well, yeah, I've got that problem. And you already KNOW that I can never say no to you!

Knit on! And you are so right - we can (will and do) make time for that which we really want to do. I'm going to adopt that motto! Thanks!