Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Virtual Knitting Saves the Day

Yesterday I had an MRI on my head and came within a lace-weight thread of totally freaking out. I really don't have issues with small spaces, so going into the little tube thing was not an issue, it was the grate thing that goes over your face (complete w/mirror so you can see the color drain from your face as you realize "Oh crap, I am like waay inside this tube and I really can't just shimmy out of this thing... trapped!!" So, I did what any self-respecting Knitter would do. I closed my eyes, did some deeeeep breathes and did some virtual knitting.... I went into my stash, found my yarn, got my needles and cast on - some lovely Lorna's Lace I got last year at STitches - cast on 64 - decide what ribbing - k1 p1 or k2 p2?? oh, we have time here, lets do a k1p1 rib - all the way to the heal flap.. right side: s1, k1 - repeat, turn, sl 1 purl to end, repeat for 1.5 " - pick up stitches for gussett - knit across instep (these are needles 2 and 3. needle 4: k1 ssk, knit to end (now you are at the center of the heal) knit to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1 ; knit across needles 2 and 3 - the instep; repeat until you have the proper number of stitches (18?) her needle... continue to knit knit knit until 1.5 inches before your longest toe... decrease,,, kitchner up the last 8 stitches and VIOLA - socks!! I virtualy knit about 4 pair of socks yesterday!!

And then, when that was not enough to get to to stay within sanity's grasp,.. i went stash hunting and found the yarn I wanted to make two lacey scarves - they need to be knitted, blocked and wrapped up by mid-May... i found the yarns - then went thru my books of patterns and decided which scarf to make which receipient - and then I cast on those!! I got one scarf done and then went stash diving again - I think I'll frog that stuff I got at the yarn shop in SF off Sutter St.....ohh. Yippee - MRI done - wow - if only I could really get that much done in that short of time... Ohhhh Heatherly dear, are you reading this?? Sock Wars?? You can knit soo much faster in your head that with your hands!! LOL.


Heatherly said...

i have not done sock wars, it scares me.

virtual knitting- i havent tried it but i do dream about sts in my sleep and what yarn looks best with what stitch...

Antevasin said...

Hope everything goes okay with the MRI! :=)