Friday, March 21, 2008

Hufflepuff House Quiz #4 & stufff

Here are my answers to the Hufflepuff House Quiz #4 - and sadly the final quiz:

1.Which 2 Huffles have a Pinkstone as spoilers?

A: Cliodna Trelawney and Helga Lovegoods

2.Which Huffle went on a vacation to Germany?

A: Bella the Beautiful

3.Who is in love with Gus Cauldwell?

A: Petunia Acromantula

4.Which Gryffindor found the snitch during the first round of Quidditch?

A: Cassandra Grubbly-Plank
(OK, Seriously, how the heck to you guys find that darn thing?? This is my second round of HSKS and I have NEVER found it!!

5.What is Harry’s class schedule on Mondays is GoF?

A: Herbology with the Hufflepuffs; a break; Care of Magical Creatures with the Slytherins; lunch; followed by Double Divinations & finally: dinner.

6.What day does Voldemort kill Frank Bryce?

A: Saturday, August 23rd

7.When was Moody kidnapped?

A: Sunday, August 31st

8.Who is called on to help Moody?

A: Arthur Weasley

9.What happens to Hermione during Harry’s duel with Malfoy?

A: Her teeth become hexed

10.When is the Yule Ball announce to the Gryffindors?

A: Professor McGonagall announces Yule Ball in Transfiguration on December 10th

OK, now on to other stuff. My Dr called today & my MRI is fine, no tumors, not bad stuff - so no answer on why I have headaches,, migraines? At least it is not something terminal..... LOL. Good Friday indead.


Padma Dumbledore said...

I am glad your MRI came out ok!

I am assembling your package and the owl should be ready to set flight on Monday!! I had to find a bigger box :0)

Take care!

Padma Dumbledore said...

Your Owl should be on it's way today! I had to repack the box then my little one got strep! But I am stopping @ the PO today!!