Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Socks For Soldiers

When Knitters submit finished items to our fearless SFS leader, Kim, she posts "incoming" items she has received, like this:

"Brooke A Thank you for sending the 7 washcloths from your friend Lynne. Tell her great job, and ask her if she can knit me 7 beanies next load?Bless Lynne and another 7 soldiers smile."

My friend, Lynn, had mailed me washclothes and told me to send them off to SFS, which I did. So, Lynn, do you knit beanies too? I'll get you an official SFS pattern!

Quiddich began today - our 3rd and final round. I swear (alot apparently) I can't find that stupid thing. ARRGG. I am waiting for my swap package to arrive. I can hardly stand it. I listen for the mailman everyday - its like Christmas morning everday!! LOL.. I'm such a little kid at heart I guess. I told the mailman "I'm waiting for a fluffy envelope or priority box" Then he gets excited too!! Gotta run, tons of work to do before I head home and it's already 7p

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The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

I would need a pattern and suggestions for yarn that won't break my budget. And if you want more washcloths, let me know. I can crochet anywhere from 2 to 3 in a weekend inbetween working on my other stuff. Always glad to help soldiers, especially since you and I now both have our own.