Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I got Nuthin'

I am cheating here. I got nuthin' really. These pictures were taken at The Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, CA in April. The sunset picture is of a bagpipe player who played each night at sunset - very cool. The other is of me (yes, that would be a glass of wine needing a refill). I LOVE the ocean and miss that I do not live near it anymore.
Knitting wise - I am pleased to announce that I did finish sock 1 of my Socks for Soldier Sock - Now for its mate. The leg is done, the heal is turned and the foot is about 3 or 4 " done... so it's not so bad.
I am frantically working on my daughter's dress (pattern from Interweave Knits). I think she thinks I can wave a wand and it will be done by Christmas - ya - not so much.
The good news is that with all my traveling lately, I have made great progress on a pair of socks for me. I've no clue what sock yarn I am using could be Trekking, its self striping wich is impressive to muggles. I have about another inch or so and then decrease for the toe. this is sock 2 so whooo hoo - i'll have one for each foot!!
I was at the Mission Inn in Riverside this past weekend (work related). Very nice, historical place. Loved it.. i'd go back for a fun trip for sure!
My next business trip will take me to the Bay Area the same weekend as Stiches West and I was upset that I could not attend this year as my meetings are at the same time as Stitches. Then it hit me - I could go part day on Thursday and part on Sunday.. then my husband says "why not leave tuesday night and spend all day Wednesday there?" OMG! What a great idea.. live out of suitcase for about a week, have fiber fun, work and then end it all with another dose of fiber fun on the way home! G*d, I love that man!!

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