Monday, November 24, 2008

I got nuthin' Part II

Well, same sh*t, different day. Not too much new. We attended the UNR vs. Boise State game this past weekend, which was fun! On the knitting front (where the heck is that camera, anyway?). I am knitting on SFS sock #2 and will have a pair done before I turn 112, which is a good thing. Murphy's Law being what it is, the war (all of them) will be over before I finish all my SFS socks, which isnt' really a bad thing....ending war and all.... I am deceasing on a sock 2 of a pair of trekking socks...and now am giving serious thought to giving them as a gift.. i cast on thinking they'd be for me, but has the gift giving holiday approaches, I am thinking of giving them to someone kinda special and worthy of handknit socks. I am knitting each night until hand pain forces me to stop on the Interweave Knits dress for The Girl Child. We will be flying to see her Wednesday (hey - SP pal, I'll be out of town until Monday!!). and I'd sell my other kid to get it done to a point that she could try it on.. but selling adult children is against the law, apparerenlty and since I hate camping, I'm pretty sure i'd hate jail and/or prison, so, I'll settle for knitting a bit faster and see how it goes.

I'll dig for the camera and take some pics.. and try really hard to post tomorrow as we leave for the airport rather early wed. If i don't post until I get back.. ya'll have a great Thanksgving.

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rita said...

I can't wait to see the dress! I hope that you can get it finished, or to try-it-on point, before you see her.