Sunday, November 2, 2008

Perfectly Proper Socks

As you can see, in the first photo we have my feet - one wearing a perfectly proper wool, self-striping sock. The other foot is sporting a BBS (that's Big Black Sock) that I am knitting for Socks for Soldiers (accept no substitutes, make sure you find the SFS group with Kim O as the founder). Anyways - back to socks - can you see that the civilian sock ends just past the ankle area? Not uncommon as I tend to get a bit of ADHD when knitting socks and want to turn the heal sooner rather than later. Do you see how BBSs go waaaay up to the knee? That's 12" freakin inches of ribbing folks! Now, can you just see my freshly painted toes peeping out of the BBS? My friends, I can't even THINK about decreasing for the toe until that little (i use the term loosely here) is 8" long. Then, and only then, can I think about decreasing. Want to just pee your pants in amazement?? To test your gauge on these bad-boys.. we pull them over the top of a 2 litre soda bottle! If it fits over that - it will fit over most stud-muffin military dude calves!! I took these adorable socks to Knit Night last week - turns out, I knit rather tightly and have a rather sturdy grip on the needles.. ya, well one broke! Good thing i've got enough size 1 DPNs to open my own needle store! OH BY THE WAY: I've ordered some regulation yarns for my two angels who said they'd knit some beanies for our troops. It's starting to snow in afganistan and our boys (ladies too) need to keep their heads warm. If you want to knit some regulation helmet liners, let me know.. i'll send you the pattern, the yarn and you'll promise to knit the hat and send it back to me so it can be properly submitted to Kim at Socks for Soldiers!

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