Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Where were you?? I can recall the day vividly. I was getting ready to head out of town. My sister had died (Feb) and a probate hearing was being held the next day in a different county. I had a 4 hour drive ahead of me. My hubby and I were watching the Today Show, walking between the master bath and bedroom, doing hair, adding stuff to suitcases, etc. I recall walking into the bedroom and seeing on TV the clip of the plane hitting the WTC tower - and watching in horror - and then mention of the Pentagon and freaking out if my oldest brother was ok... and not being able to get thru via phone because all lines were jammed up.

We had to leave, we had to be at the hearing. We made our daughter swear she would not leave town limits, no driving to any city/state parks, nothing.. stay home!! She promised.

the drive past sac airport was creepy. NO planes in the sky - ANYWHERE. It was all very odd. and I recall the first time they let planes fly again and seeing a plane in the sky - and thinking how odd THAT was.

We made it to the hearing and back home safely. Our daughter stayed put at home. My brother was not at work that day and he was safe and sound.

Where were you?

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Piglottie said...

I was walking through the china department in one of the large department shops in the city centre. As I walked into the electrical section, I saw the images on one of the televisions and thought that it was a film. But then I noticed that a few people had stopped to watch, and I saw the text running along the bottom of the screen giving details about the attacks.

Shocked doesn't even cover it. The world changed that day.