Sunday, September 9, 2007

After (second post for today)

More pictures of my Miss Lucy - top two of some more "before" pictures - 4 legs. The third was taken this morning - you will note the absent leg. She is not real thrilled about the Buster Collar, but is learning to not walk into doorways with it. Personally, the most disgusting thing is the drain tube - I walk around her with a wet papertowl wiping up blood drips (gag). Thank goodness our house is mostly hardwood - the bedroom has carpet, but apparently this is going to be replaced in the next month or so. If a CSI team were to spray that stuff to see if any blood was around, I'd be in jail!! LOL. until the figured out it was doggie blood. Amazing, she is walking better now that when she had bum leg to hop around with. She is an amazing dog. Last night i layed down on the floor with her and just pet her and talked to her until she fell asleep - I do not look forward to when we have to put her down, and instead pray that she goes into the blue in her sleep, at peace and without trauma. She's my big baby, can ya' tell? Oh, ya - and the socks I finished up last night/this am.. wearing them now. Miss Lucy approves as well.


The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Beautiful socks! Wish I could do that. And may Lucy have no pain and stay happy. She's got a wonderful and loving family. And they've got a very special pal.

Heatherly said...

poor baby lucy.
poor brooke.

Valerie said...

Aww, the poor baby! I hope she feels better. Well wishes from Valerie in NY!