Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lucy UPdate

Well - we took Lucy to the vet today, thinking today may be THE day... she has a tumor on her good leg - I am such a good doggie mom - she burps and I call the vet. Nothing is too minor with her - so, the dr. was so impressed by how she is doing hopping around on 3 legs, that he suggests we amputate the bad leg. This is the "normal" procedure for bone cancer - chop off the cancer - he was worried that because she is such a big girl (today at 84 lbs, which is down from prior weights) she may not adapt well to not having a front let. The area where the cancer started is about the size of a lime now, the entire leg tooks "fake" and is larger than the "good leg" - ya' the good leg that now has a tumor up near the armpit. We need to call back later today to set up surgery for tomorrow am - she'll have plenty of time to recoup before the wedding... when it rains it pours. I can't find a picture of Lucy just now, but I'll take some "before" pictures tonight and some "after" pictures in a few days.. poor baby -

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Devin said...

Good luck!!! Our dog lost a tooth trying to escape from a kennel- not as tramatic as loosing a limb, I know. But, I would do anything for him. He is currently sleeping in the porch, so he can be ready to bark at anything outside that moves. Thanks for signing up for Pay It Forward!