Thursday, May 22, 2008

Army Strong

As most of you blog snoopers know, I knit for Socks For Soldiers. The other day a knitter posted that she received a call from her son, he was at the UPS Store, making one last call before sending a box home, including his cell phone - he was off to Iraq in the a.m. - I read that thinking "how will i react when The Boy Child calls one last call before deployment"? Will I have the strength to not cry like a big baby and upset him? I hope so.... I try not to think about it - and then to make me feel better - I asked "Why didn't he take his phone with him.. perhaps he already purchased his international phone and does not need his "reguarl" phone - put down the tissue, the kid will talk and email home alot... ohhh feeel better already! (not really).

The Boy is off for a week long "hiking/camping" trip with his unit - then he'll get some leave time with us (yippee) then to TX. He says it will be months before deployment, but I wonder....only time will tell. I'd rather have him in the US, but he's ready to go - so he says. He says his arabic wont do him much good in TX - LOL.

On the knitting front, i have a bit of ADHD - I am working on a lovely cabled bag - big yarn, big needles, lovely dark grey yarn....and of course a pair of BBs (big black socks) for SFS - a pair of socks for me - and my Mary Kay lady send me (unexpectedly) a ball of blue yarn with a note, "saw this, thought you could make it into a masterpiece" - well, could it be a hint? she's due in June - the 15th.. maybe she knows she's having a boy.. so some booties are going to be on the needles soon too.


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