Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wuz UP??

Oh, where to begin????? Life has been crazy. I feel like I have recovered somewhat from the "death cloud" that has hung over me - death of MotherInLaw, FatherInLaw and dog in a month's time, there abouts - the looming deployment of son, while not under a "death cloud" - has added to the stress in my life. When the going gets tough, the Knitters knit - and spin..

I am working (always) on socks for Socks for Soldiers, and must get a pair out the door before The Boy Child comes home for his one week of leave. If she seems them, he'll want them and I am a marshmellow when it comes to The Boy...We shall see - if live gets crazy, i'll hide them from him.

Ruth from The Dizzy Ewe was a guest at our house and did some classes for our local spinning guild. Oh what fun - and I appologize to those (1) who sent me a ravely email.. I had not checked ravelry in ages and I did not see your email until it was too late - so sorrry. Ruth gave some amazing classes - so I have been spinning. I'll locate the camera and take some pictures.

I had some Louette "cotton candy" I purchased at my LYS (Knit Wits) and had been spinning sock yarn. 6 oz of the stuff and if i see another oz of it i'll barf, its lovely yarn now, but kinda sick of loooking at it.. in the one ply stage - plying is exciting. all of it has been plied using my handy little andian plyer paddle thing.. ohhh, the saddness when I lost an end the other day, found it last night and continued to ply, it continued to break, loose ends, find end, ply, repeat... seriously, i wanted a martini... but 11p came and I went to bed. more plying tonight.

I have finished the plying of the beasty wool (a lovely grey, but "hairy"). It was spun for the purpose of felting.. I was going to make Lucy a doggie bed, but that seems moot, now that she's dead and all. funny story - we picked up her ashes (Lucy is the dog by the way not my MIL) on the way out of town Friday... I did not want to leave her in the car, so I took her up to our hotel room. Now, I guess one can tell its a box of creamains, but it's a box - nice cedar box... and apparently a real conversation stopper in elevators.. My daughter said they probably thought "crazy lady - bringnig her dead spouse with her" - ya welll, whatever. I'd bring him too, but he's not dead. He was there, alive and everything..

I am signed up for SP12 - new twist , which I really like - we got pay pal invoices for $2.50 to cover the cost of "angel" packages if someone has to back out during the swap. Nice! Also, we could pick a $30 or $60 category to fit our budget - also nice. Go SP Hostesses.... you rock.

OK, i need to go home, do some knitting or spinning and start all over tomorrow.


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rita said...

I love that you couldn't leave your dog's cremains in the car. I also love that it's a conversation stopper!