Sunday, May 11, 2008

Me & My Peeps

A few weekends ago, Fiber Friendly Hubby and I went to SF and then Half Moon Bay.. while in SF, we saw our good friend, Katey. . . . . . She was playing at Hotel Nikko in the Raz Room - a wonderfully fantastic show! You may recall Katey from the TV show, Married With Children - isn't she as cute as a button and about as big as a NY minute. The show was fantastic as was the weekend.. we got an autographed CD " To B and C - Happy Anniversary xox Katey Segal" How sweet is that??
Funny, I thought I looked kinda cute, but now looking at the picture.. I look a bit toad like... I guess we all would standing next to Katey.....and dangggg - am I short or what??


Heatherly said...

how fun! :0)
how tall is she?!

i have your bady present. i may have to drop it by after you get home from your next adventure

rita said...

Wow, she looks incredible, and so do you.