Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Newest Toy

I'll take pictures tonight, but guess what I got today?? Nope - guess again..... Nope - another guess.. Wrong again.. I'll tell ya. I got an antique skein winder. I tell anyone who will listen to me that I knit and spin and if they ever see knitting and spining stuff cheep at yard sales - BUY IT - i'll pay them back - or call me on my cell for the big stuff. (I am allergic to yard sales, as I was drug to them kicking and screaming as a kid) Anywhooooo - a nice lady in town had this "yarn measurer" that she was selling - technically it measures yarn, but really it's skein winder - and now it's mine. Chris, the adorable, practically perfect husband, gets credit for the "gift" to me!! I'll run home, work on mysocks for soldiers "big black socks" and my MS3, now on row 100 something or other; and i'll post some pics.


Heatherly said...

oooh, so you got it?
can't wait to see it:-)

see ya sunday!

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Yes, I have been looking for you!!!! I think there were a couple things. You asked something about the Hogwarts Sock Swap and email. And you told me to come see your blog but I couldn't find a link. :) You can email me at: peggyDOTsturgeonATinsightbbDOTcom