Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SP11 & Stuff

Yippee - I heard from my SP11 spoiler! She sent me an e-card, but it's in cyber space someplace. The Lundt candies - my fav filling is probably the chocolate.. Can't have too much chocolate, can you? I think this is going to be a good round of Secret Pal. I love "meeting" new people and learning a bit about where they live. The person who spoiled me in SP10 lives in Singapor. How cool is that??

Ravelry: I got my invite! I had just a few minutes to set up some basic stuff. I am BrookeKnits. I'll have to spend some time each weekend to learn more and post more stuff.

Socks for Soldiers. Did you see I added the button? I have my kit, which I did not HAVE to buy, but did, just to get the "official" needles, pattern, etc. My son left his floor lamp at the house. I need to "borrow" it so I can knit with black yarn. I am currently using KnitPicks "essential", but there are other approved yarns: Regia stretch black or white includig wool/cotton blends; Opal Uni in black or white & Gems Opal by Louet yarns. Trekking - black or white; Cherry Tree Hill - black or white; Henry's Attic - black or white. Why "black or white" you ask?? Well, the main mission is BBS or Big Black Socks. They are knit "mil spec" - which means they can be worn with military uniforms - all branches. We can also knit leiesure socks (any color), but the main deal is BBSs, which must be black. There are members who will dye the white socks black, and then they are sent to Kim (the organizer) and she takes care of shipping out our care packages. This is a legit non profit group. She should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, don't ya think?

Hogworts: I tried to do the sock swap, but in doing so, then changing my mind, accidentally deleted my old blog. Yikes. Then one of the members of MS3 turned me on to a related site, Hogwarts sock/scarf KIT exchange. Much better. I knit so darn slow. So, I am very excited. I'll find out in about 24 to 48 hours if I am in the swap or not.. it's not a secret swap, we will know who we are sending to.

Back to work.. not fun, but necessary. TTFN.

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Anonymous said...

You can never have enough chocolate, it's not possible.

Hope you had a good time at the rib cook off! (I'm jealous)

Your SP 11 Spoiler