Monday, August 6, 2007

Wine Tasting, Yarning & Tow Trucks

I had a wonderful opportunity to do some wine tasting in Sonoma last weekend. It was lovely - some private tastings and tours. I was at Duckhorn this time last year, but this time went to Duckhorn Paradox - just up the road. Great wines. Two that we tasted are only available at the winerey!. We got to go into the caves at Gloria Ferrar (champagne). it was great fun.

Super Husband went downtown with me to do some "yarning" - found Bella Yarns and got some lovely Alchemy (spelling??) lace yarn for myself and Healthly, and some Trekking sock yarn - 'cause sock yarn isn't real stash!!

Then, on the way home - the tread come off the front tire. The best part of this was the CHP who pulls up and asks us what's going on. I say (as I am knitting) "It was such a lovely day, thought I'd pull over and get some knitting in." - then with a great big smile I say "seriously, waiting for tow truck - tread came off the tire" - He laughed and was on his way.

Only a knitter would say "ohhh, I hope the tow truck doesn't get here tooo soon. I can get tons of knitting in now!! LOL.

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