Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Above The Clouds

Here is a view off our back deck this morning. I love Fall!! Not sure if you can tell from the picture, but our deck is above the clouds as they float up the canyon. Normally, our view is of a canyon and the hills on the other side.... but today... today we were socked in the fluffy stuff. About 30 min after the picture was taken - we were IN the cloud.... I love it. Its now pushing 1pm. and we are cool, but sunny. I love this time of year!!

I knit up a cute little cable hat/beanie this weekend, only to have been bit in the arse by the karmic forces... I followed directions EXACTLY.. and even after being told/shown a finished hat by Devvy, my LYSO, that by starting the decreases at 5.5 inches from CO, the darn thing will not actualy cover the entire earlobe. *&^%$#!. I used a lovely lavendar yarn from Debblie Bliss (cashmerino) - I think it needs a pompom on top and now a little flower or something to cover one of the first cables I did, but with the yarn in front.. pitty I did not notice that sooner.. oh well. I'll take pictures of it after I am not totally pissed off at it (directing my anger at a knitted hat, how mature!). OK, back to work for me. .. not yet - this weekend i'll be spinning in PUBLIC - at some living history thing.. I don't even know what it is I am going to.. but I said I would do it and it sounds like fun.. so I am in!!


Allison said...

I love the photo and am so glad you are coming to Stitches. I'll be there Thursday and Friday. Let me know when you will be there. As to the hat - I always make mine longer. I guess maybe I have a big head but I make it 6.5 inches and then add a 1 inche border. I even have one that is almost 8 inches. I like it to go to the bottom of my ears and not creep up!

Anonymous said...

Your view is beautiful! Funny, I live on the top of a canyon and get fogged in too.
Happy Halloween! Your package should arrive today (fingers crossed).
Your SP11 spoiler