Wednesday, October 3, 2007

the First of 2 posts today

My first post today will be pictures of my Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap - Will you check out the cool stuff that Natasha sent me?? Amazing or what?? I have take two pics of the bag she made (now I want the pattern) - the lining is just as cute as the outside!! The box also included such other goodies as (of course) sock yarn. I love the colors. Fall is in the air here (a brisk 54 this am) and needles to knit the socks up with. Stitch markers in my house colors!! You can't tell from the picture, but there is also a sock pattern, what I like to call "row counters" but muggles probably call "candy" (fudge, if you need specifics); a candle that smells heavenly and a book on knitting tips and tricks. I have not seen this one before and have enjoyed looking thru it. I have mentioned before that I knit for Socks for Soldiers, some of our knitters knit on sock knitting machines (see current issue of Spin Off magazine for cool article on thse machines), anyway, the books has info on the knitting machines. Something I have never really heard of before and now s uddenly - it's everywhere!! In addtion to the swap items for the exchange (sock kit), Natasha was kind enough to send some roving too. I am in love with the Llama she sent.. it's the dark brown in the picture. You just don't know how soft it is.. and while reading my current Spin Off magazine, the next "submit your yarn" due date is 12/01/07, the category for yarn includes camel, and other short hair fibers.. I am really hoping llama falls in this category and am I seriously thinking of submitting the required 5 yards. The yarn is then donated to a worthy charity - so everyone wins!! OK, gotta run - back to work. I'll try to post again later today about my SP11 goodies.

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Piglottie said...

What a wonderful parcel! The bag is really cute :)