Sunday, October 14, 2007

What's On The Bobbin??

A sort of recent purchase of Louette roving - 100% wool top in "Cotton Candy" - 8oz, think lots of pastels - pinks, yellow, lite oranges, etc. I purchased 8oz and spun away. When the bobbin was "about full", I decided to ply it. I transferred from the bobbin to my "handy andy Andian plying paddle" and then plied back onto the bobbin.

I then transferred said 2-ply on to my niddy-noddy, yielding 117 yards. I look the bag of un-spun roving to KnitWits (my local yarn shop) to weigh it (and buy some mohair roving). Doing some quick math - turns out 1 3/4 oz was used to get the 117 yards of 2 ply. For easy math - lets call it 2 oz = 117 yards; or 4 oz = 234 yards x 2 again for 8 oz = 468 yards of 2 ply from an 8 oz bag of roving. Is that enough to make a pair of socks?? I'll have to get out my little do-dah thing to see how many wraps per inch, but comparing it to sock yarn in the store, i'd say its sock yarn.

I was checking out one of InterWeave Press' "Knitting Daily" freebie patterns and printed out the Summer Shawlette" it looks cute, but I think I'd prefer it a bit longer, say to the elbow. (The picture shows it a few inches above the model's elbow.... anyway, not sure how to make it longer and not screw up the pattern. Any thoughts?? OK, i am off to go spin some mohair and take pictures of cotton candy handspun sock yarn!!

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