Friday, October 12, 2007

Thank You SP11 & I'm A Sh*thead

OK, First let me say, SP11 Pal, I am so sorry I took so long to post these pictures. Here is a run down on the haul: the book Knit Kimono, by Vicki Square!! I have been drooling over the pictures and can't decide what to make first! The Lindor truffles are now gone. I have this rule (which I broke) that says "You can't enjoy the bounty until you've given a proper thank you" but the chocolate sitting there on the table was too much and I caved. The bath "poof" which you can make out in the picture along with 4 bath/shower gels: Manhattan Freeze, Strawberry Smoothie, Hazelnut Blitz and Italian Parfait!! Some bath salts and bath bombs (the leaf and the fish) If you look left to right, it's the bath poof, a candle and then a little piggie bath scrubby thing. It's got like washcloth grade texxture to one side. Very cute. A piggy note book and piggy shaped note pad, that I have been using to keep track of rows on my knitting - very handy!! the above mentioned candle and little tray for it to sit on. the cutest sheep card ever. On the outside she's got her woolies on, on the inside of the card, along the bottom are skeins of yarn and the sheep is "nekked" (smile). Thank you SP11 Pal - you're the best. Her card said it was for a spa day and some light reading - I'll say!! Thanks again - I love all of it

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Anonymous said...

Life happens...and you really are NOT a sh*thead! Glad you liked it! I'm putting the finishing touches on package #2. Have a good week!
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