Monday, January 28, 2008

Awards, PodCasts and Knitter's Shame

Well, first the good news... My SP swap pal, Allison has awarded me (and 9 others) a "You Made My Day" award. The deal is I must award this to 10 others (or there abouts) the timing is great. I was cleaning my stash closets since the move to the new house and it was kinda fun to recall old swap friends - I keep stuff in the envelope swap stuff is sent to me so when I do get into the stash, I can recall who sent it and pop them a note or whatever (yes, anal retentive I KNOW that.....). So, thank you Allison.

I mentioned to a friend of mine that in 2008 I really wanted to start a pod cast - and thought she'd be the perfect person to do it with me... well, last night while drifting off listening to knitting pod casts.. it came to me - mine should include a bit on not only knitting put spinning too. I am thinking of offering a contest - for some names of a pod cast. no guarantee at all that it will be used - but you will become famous right here on this blog.

Knitter's Shame: Oh please just send me to the naughty knitting chair - at least an hour should do it. I am done with the body of the Titled Duster (Interweave Knits). The next step is to pick up 138 stitches and start on the colar portion of the sweater... well, by golly, in my two years of knitting i have successfully avoided picking up stiches in any real way. I have done it for socks (who sees that mess? it's in my shoe!!) and the lacey thong undies - who will see that? (besides my daughter and son in law). NOpe, this "pick up stitches" is a big deal. I've had to call my LYS and ask for help... which she will give me on Tuesday.

I'll post pictures later this week.

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The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Picking up stitches is nowhere near as scary as you think. And you are so talented that you're going to do it and then say, "Geez, what was I scared of?" I am so technologically behind it is embarassing for someone who used to test software and write user manuals. I have left technology behind for the most part. Blogging is scary enough! So promise me you'll keep up with your blog so I'm not TOTALLY out of touch!