Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pointy Sticks

Well, I am "pee my pants" excited on how far I have made it on my Tilted Duster sweater!! Oh ya - it has snowed three times since Christmas... pretty hu?? Last night I started on the 7th repeat of the skirt of the tilted duster..... see how my knitting needle just sparkles!!! After I finish the 8th and final repeat... I measure... should be 16" from cast on. Then, I pick up stitches to do the collar - and then the last step - attach the sleeves.. SWEET!!
On the HSKS4 update - last night was a feast in the Great Hall. There was a lively group of about 15 chatting away.....topics including muggle knitting needles, online yarn purchasting, which muggle booze goes best in tea - the usual stuff - LOL.
I took a quiz yesterday to figure out what my patronus is. It is a TOAD. Here is what the quiz results said: " The toad, most may see this as a humiliating patronus. I mean how are you supposed to strike t he fear into the hearts of evil with a toad - come on. But this patronus is far from a joke; its wisdom purpasses all, giving it a tactical advantage. And by using its massive and adhesive tongue it can spit it out at the enemy and suck it in, making your nemisis' come to you. Then subsequently swallows them....thus absorbing thier power and saving the day. Not a wise patronus to mess with! 27% from 41809 test takers had this profile!!" So, there you have it... I can only infer from this that with a tongue like that - I am an excellent kisser - LOL..
OK, back to work for me. Today is Tuesday, which tells me that my LYS has their "drop in" tonight... technically it starts at 4p and goes until 6p, but little worker bee that I am - I show up for the last hour. Sometimes everyone has headed for home, sometimes they are still there.... no matter - I have a sweater project and a pair of socks in my portable knitting bag - I can't take the Duster to knit in groups, too many distractions...


Heatherly said...

rofl! love the tongue comment.

just remember toads are part of the first chemical warfare used. poisoning arrows in south america. you can strike fear in their hearts, and if some one licks you they will hallucinate :-)

Padma Dumbledore said...

Great progress! I love the color! Hope your week goes well!

Your Hogwart's Secret Pal!

Allison said...

Your duster looks great! I can't wait to see the whole thing.

Cecilia said...

It's so interesting that your patronus is a toad! Frogs and toads are my favorite animals, and one could say that the frog (which is also a symbol of spiritual cleansing) is my totem. I got the perfect spoiler!!!