Friday, January 25, 2008

Hufflepuff House - Week 2 Quiz

Ok, Here we go. I have bribed neighbor kids, scanned web sites, etc.:

1. What does Mrs. Weasley do when she's angry?

A: Explode - can you imagine??

2. Who picks up Harry for his visit to the Burrow?

A: Fred, George and Ron... possibly Arthur too, but I am not sure about this last one.

3. What did Moody give Neville?

A: a book - "Magical Mediterranean Water - Plants and Their Properties"

4. When is Hermione's Birthday?

A: September 19th.

5. Who does Snapes have pickling rat brains for detention?

A: (note:this is rather harsh). Harry & Ron (do these two ever catch a break??)

6. Are Dobby & Winky at Hogwarts at the beginning of term?

A: nope

7. Where to Harry, Ron & Hermione pick up sock for Dobby?

a: Gladrags Wizardwear. (pitty Dobby didn't get a pair of handknits....)

8. Who helps Harry figure out the egg?

A: Cedric Diggory & Moaning Myrtel

9. Where does Harry have his first meeting w/Sirius?

A: Gryffindor House Common Room

10. Who interrupts the above mentioned meeting w/Sirius?

A: Ron.

Whewwwww - until the next quiz...


Jennifer said...

Now bribing the neighbor kids isn't allowed...just kidding.

A friendly visit for your Hufflepuff house prefect.

Allison said...

Check my blog for an award. You are seriously scaring me with all this Harry Potter stuff :-)