Friday, June 13, 2008

Evacuations for Friday, June 13

I am not taking pictures because I think it would violate personal privacy. The Skilled Nurcing Facility across the street from my office is being evacuated. At about 10:30 this morning the office received reverse 911 calls advisiing of a precautionary evacuation...the system worked well, but you don't think about all the logistics of moving bed-ridden folks. It's amazing to watch. There is about 10 medi-vans and/or ambulance vehicles either in the parking area next to the SNF or next to our office (across from the nursing home). One by one, they either wheel out on gurnies, wheelchairs or help the residences walk to a vehicle. I don't know where they are taking them.. If you want to see what is happening - go to google and type in Paradise Post - that's our local news paper, or google "paradise california" one of the first links is the town's website, click on emergency services, you'll see the road closures and info on the Public Service Announcements.

We are a fairly small town.. as you can see from maps, only a few roads in/out of town. right now there is no way to get IN - all roads are only open to OUTBOUND traffic...

I am still at work - The Boy is still stick in Chico - if he can't make it home, then I will meet him in either Oroville or Chico and we'll go to Reno and hang out until Monday when we have to take him to the airport.. Nice way to spend your kid's leave time, hu??

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rita said...

I hope that conditions are better at home. And I hope that you got every minute of pleasure that you possibly could get from your son's visit.