Monday, June 30, 2008

SP 12 Week 3 Question

Stash: I swear I did this already. The question of the week is regarding out stash... let's just say mine exceeds my life expectancy according to the Social Security Administration and AARP. I did take pictures of my stash closet and will post them tomorrow.

On another topic: WTF - how did this happen?? It must be swap season or something - I have managed to sign up for 3 swaps - all during the summer months. I just have to keep my act together and it should all come off without a hitch. One is a Ravelry fiber swap - it goes for 3 months (July/August/September). There are 4 to a group - we all have each other's ravelry info - so it's not "secret" per se - Each month I send 4 oz of fiber to a member of my group. Cool, hu? That's it - nothing too fancy - 4 oz of fiber.

The other fiber swap is the Hush Hush Handspun Hootenanny swap. This was a blog-based swap. This is a one time swap. Pals are assigned beginning July 7 - the swap ends August 9th. We send 4 oz of unspun fiber and 4 oz of spun fiber. Cool, hu? I am excited to see who my HHHH buddy is.

then, of course the SP12 SWap - which I have always enjoyed. My first SP swap was SP5. I have gotten to know so many wonderful knitters, spinners, and fiber friendly folks thru the swaps. Blog snooping is fun!

OK, back to "work" for my volunteer job - then home to knit some more on my BBSs for SFS - that's Big Black Socks for Socks for Soldiers. I have put my pairs of BBS aside for too long. It's time to pick up those pointy sticks and get busy.

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