Thursday, June 12, 2008

SP 12 Q of the Week

Q: What is your favorite Summer beverage??

A: Ohh, this is hard....for adult libations - I'd have to say my modified Sea Breeze.. fill old fashion size glass with ice; add about 1/2 glass vodka, 1/2 cranberry juice and a splash of OJ. stir, drink, repeat.

On the kid friendly side: I have discovered a drink mix available from Tastefully Simple - it's their Vanilla Bean Chiller - i think it's like 2 cups of ice cubes, a cup of milk and then a scoop of their mix. It's deeeeeelish!!

More SP12 news - I did get an ecard from my pal and am frantically searching for the email with info on who i spoil... I 've checked my "real" email and my "secret" email, but so far no luck. My hostess is very kind about this and we are trying to figure out what the heck is up!

I'll take pics of my cabled handbag tonight and post pictures.. I have completed one side (front?), the bottom and the two sides. I am on row 8 or so of the back panel.

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