Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What to Knit??

I have finished knitting my cabled bag. I need to charge camara batteries to take pics..will do tonight.. I have several pairs of Socks for Soldiers socks on the needles and one pair of socks for me on the needles - but right now the thought of knitting socks makes me want to barf - then the guilt for not knitting BBS for SFS - arrgggg. So, what to cast on next?? I dove into the stash closet this morning and pulled out the Tree of Life afgan I got from KnitPicks - its all beige with cute trees in the pattern - should not be too hard. As slow as I knit, another contender is the sweater for my son, yarn and pattern purchased at Knit Wits here in town. It's a neck down v-neck. I showed the yarn to The Boy when he was on leave - he approved - so perhaps that is the smarter choice, but then lace is calling me - I got some lace projects at Stitches West - just sitting in the lonely, dark stash closet. And then there are the knit along items - Hey Heather - are we still gonna knit those fingerless mits or what?? Hey Julie - did you ever cast on that "bag in a bag" we got over a year ago at Stitches West from Carolina Homespun?? - ya, me neither. Sheez, so much yarn, so little time.

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The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Oh my dear, you ask the same question I ask myself all the time lately. Wish I could get a couple of the small things done and then maybe this winter I could try something bigger. Winter... cool... wait... do we have winter here?